What is AG? Some kind of edgelord club?

Close, but not quite.

AG is the release of suppressed emotion and an advocate for the utmost appreciation of self. It is a tool for self expression.
You may hear or read me referring to "we" at times, which is a reference to the AG collective. We are a group, connected through a mentality which in many ways brings us together. In my designs you will find elements of black metal, alternative, punk, goth, Japanese culture and more. You may also interpret concepts of Pride, Anger, Love, Outrage, Disgust, Misanthropy, Sorrow, Insecurity, Hopelessness, Lust, Loss and Fear and honestly, I encourage you to find your own meaning. Through Apathy Gang I channel every repression of thought to the forefront of reality. It is here I seek

Balance Through Expression.

Apathy Gang's clothes are for anyone and everyone that relate to the concept of self-expression for the benefit of self improvement, regardless of your culture & identity. However Apathy Gang does condemn any and every hate group. Anger & hatred do not go hand in hand. Hatred is one form anger takes, but I believe anger can form in to creation and I aim to prove that. We do not support violence for the sake of violence nor do we fuck with the indoctrinated ideas of racial supremacy. If this is you:
Ultimately, AG is an expression of my interests, an exploration of emotion and an observation of self worth. From the corpse paint to the vulgar text, I am ultimately critiquing myself.  I believe by releasing everything that is held within there is a balance that can be found. It is with this in mind Apathy Gang was created.
I aim to extend to you the equity I seek.
As for the sourcing of material for the clothes, I do my best to work only with eco-friendly material manufacturers and absolutely no sweatshops. In other words, the creation of Apathy Gang clothing aims to be ethically sourced, sustainable, responsible to the environment and created by manufacturers who treat their employees fairly and provide safe, stable and humane working conditions.
Thank you.
- Mr. Boring