What is Apathy Gang?

Honestly dude, if you want the short and skinny, I just want you to look good and feel good about yourself. Throw some fits together, feel comfortable, feel like someone understands you and that you're able to exist without having to fit in someone's box, metaphorically speaking of course. Please don't let anyone physically put you in a box. That probably won't end well.
If you would like a more detailed answer, feel free to read below ⬇️
AG is the release of suppressed emotion and an advocate for the utmost appreciation of self. 
 We are a group connected through a mentality of finding Balance Through Expression. Specifically that which may not have a healthy outlet to be released. In my designs you will find elements of black metal, alternative, punk, goth and Japanese culture unified though concepts of Pride, Anger, Love, Misanthropy, Sorrow, Lust and Fear. I encourage you to find what appeals to you. For too long we have held everything in to the point we feel nothing. We reach an apathetic state. Not by choice, but by lack of medium. While it has its benefits, we do not want to remain in this state because it drains us of the human experience. We would rather find a way to instead, feel everything and also maintain ourselves. Perhaps a lofty goal but it is the foundation of why we seek

Balance Through Expression.

Apathy Gang's clothes are for anyone and everyone that identify with our designs and simply want to express themselves, regardless of culture & identity. However Apathy Gang does condemn any and every hate group. It is my belief Anger & Hatred do not go hand in hand. Hatred is one form Anger takes, but I believe Anger can be used for creation and I aim to prove that. We do not support violence for the sake of violence nor do we endorse the indoctrinated ideas of racial supremacy, dogma (religious or otherwise) or any self-proclaimed justification to take away basic human rights.
From the corpse paint to the graphic designs,  I believe by releasing everything that is held within there is a balance that can be found.
As for the sourcing of material for the clothes, I do my best to work only with eco-friendly material manufacturers and absolutely no sweatshops. In other words, the creation of Apathy Gang clothing aims to be ethically sourced, sustainable, responsible to the environment and created by manufacturers who treat their employees fairly and provide safe, stable and humane working conditions.
If you made it this far, I thank you and look forward to getting to know each other. DMs are always open.
- Mr. Boring