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For Questions, Concerns and Information

You can reach us at for topics such as:

  • Returns 
  • Damaged items 
  • General questions

We can also be reached for information about:

  • Brand Ambassador Partnerships
  • Influencer Opportunities

Shipping Information

Usual Shipping

We ship internationally.  Please allow up to 3-5 days for fulfillment of your order and up to 14 days total from purchase to receive your order. Larger orders are subject to multiple packages and may result in multiple fulfillment and shipping times. 

COVID19 Disclaimer:

Due to the current pandemic and high demand, please allow the following for U.S. and EU shipping:

  • 7-12 business days for fulfillment & shipping for Clothing (U.S.)
  • 2-7 business days for fulfillment & shipping for Clothing (EU)
  • 4-8 business days for fulfillment & shipping of Accessories (U.S.)
  • 2-7 business days for fulfillment & shipping of Accessories (EU)

Please expect extended shipping times during the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc.) If you ever have any questions about the status of your order please contact at and you will receive a response as quickly as possible.

As for images containing models, the current pandemic has led me to make use of either product photos without models or product photos with a placeholder model. I do not feel it would be responsible to hire models to take product photos and put them at risk just for my own personal gain. Though all Apathy Gang models are fairly compensated, I will not risk it and will only resume photoshoots when it is safe for all parties.


(Temporary) We don't ship to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea

This list is current as of July 17, 2021.